Uyuni Salt Flat-3 days

3 Days

Embark on an immersive journey from Uyuni, where the rich history of Bolivia’s inaugural locomotives unfolds in the enchanting train cemetery. Journey to Colchani, a town with a salt extraction factory owned by the local community, offering a glimpse into the manual artistry of salt processing. The adventure continues to Uyuni’s first salt hotel, an architectural marvel constructed entirely from salt blocks, now transformed into a museum.

Explore the surreal landscape of Incahuasi Island, where delicate coral-like formations, ancient fossils, colonies of rabbit-like vizcachas, and towering cacti create a mesmerizing tableau against the expansive salt flat. Witness the changing hues of the salt flat during a picturesque sunset, followed by a night’s stay at Hotel Palacio de Sal or a similar accommodation.

As the journey progresses, traverse the vastness of the Salar de Chiguana desert, surrounded by silent volcanoes. Encounter small lagoons inhabited by graceful flamingos, each providing a unique reflection of the surrounding landscapes. Discover the mystique of ancient stone trees and the Red Lagoon, where the presence of pink flamingos adds a touch of elegance.

The final leg of the experience unfolds with an early start, welcoming the sunrise at the geysers and offering an optional rejuvenation in nearby hot springs. Journey through the Salvador Dalí desert, capturing the essence of the remarkable landscape, before reaching the green lagoon at the base of the majestic Licancabur volcano, near the Chilean border. The tour concludes, leaving indelible memories, whether returning to Uyuni or crossing to the enchanting San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.


  • English
  • Uyuni
  • 3656 m.a.s.l
  • 4 people per vehicle
  • Brakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 4X4 Vehicle


Explore the wonders of the Uyuni Salt Flat, including the Train Cemetery, a Salt processing factory, and the first salt hotel. Venture to Incahuasi Island, renowned for its delicate coral-like structures, fossil and algae deposits, colonies of rabbit-like vizcachas, and towering giant cacti. Additionally, experience the Chiguana desert, surrounded by numerous volcanoes, where ancient stone trees, the Red Lagoon with its pink flamingos, geysers, the Salvador Dalí desert, and the green lagoon at the base of the Licancabur volcano await your discovery.

3 days tour highlights

  • The train cementery
  • Salt extraction factory
  • Salt handcraft
  • Inkahuasi Island
  • Vizcacha viewing
  • Fossil and algae deposits
  • Giant cactis on the Inkahuasi island
  • Amazing sunset on the salt flat
  • Georgeous small lakes
  • Pink flamingos (three species )
  • Wild animals as Vicuñas, llamas and vizcachas
  • Beautiful small lagoons
  • Stone tree (Árbol de Piedra)
  • Red Lagoon
  • Geysers
  • Hot spring
  • Green Lagoon
  • Rock Valley


The journey commences at 10:30 a.m. from Uyuni, with the first stop at the train cemetery showcasing Bolivia's inaugural locomotives. Next, we venture to Colchani, a town where an old salt extraction factory, owned by the local community, offers insights into the manual processing of salt. Explore salt handicraft stores in Colchani before driving to Uyuni's first salt hotel, a unique construction made entirely of salt blocks extracted from the salt flat, now transformed into a museum. Our exploration extends to Incahuasi Island, known for its unusual coral-like structures, fossil deposits, colonies of rabbit-like vizcachas, and towering giant cacti. From the island's summit, revel in a panoramic view of the entire salt flat. Following lunch, capture moments on the salt flat and bask in the breathtaking sunset, culminating in a night's stay at Hotel Palacio de Sal or a similar accommodation.

Following breakfast at 8:00 a.m., we embark on a journey through the Salar de Chiguana desert, enveloped by numerous volcanoes. Heading south, we encounter several small lagoons that serve as habitats for flamingos. Our exploration extends to ancient stone trees before reaching the captivating Red Lagoon, where pink flamingos grace the landscape. Subsequently, the 4X4 vehicle transports us to the hotel for the second night, providing a serene retreat at Hotel el Desierto Red Tayka.

The day begins at dawn, around 5:00 a.m., as we embark on an hour-long drive to reach the geysers and witness the breathtaking sunrise. Nearby, you have the option to indulge in a soothing bath in the crystal-clear waters of the hot springs. Following this rejuvenating experience, our journey progresses to the Salvador Dalí desert and the green lagoon nestled at the base of the Lilcancabur volcano, near the border with Chile. The day concludes with the option to return to Uyuni or venture across to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.



  • Transport 4x4 wheel drive
  • Meal (2 breakfast, 3 lunches, 2 dinner)
  • Entrance fee
  • English speaking guide


  • Snacks
  • Beverage
  • Tips