Madidi National Park-2 days

2 Days

Madidi National Park stands as a testament to the wonders of biodiversity, an ecological marvel sprawled across 1,895,750 hectares (18,957 km2) of pristine wilderness. Nestled within the Tropical Andes Hotspot, this park is not just vast; it’s a global hotspot for unique species, showcasing an unparalleled concentration of life.

Internationally acclaimed for its ecological richness, Madidi is more than a park—it’s a sanctuary for life in all its forms. Within its boundaries, approximately 6,000 species of vascular plants thrive, creating a vibrant tapestry of flora that adds to the park’s allure. But the richness doesn’t stop there; Madidi hosts a staggering 1,000 species of neotropical birds, making it a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Venturing into Madidi National Park is not just a journey; it’s an odyssey into the heart of conservation. The park plays a crucial role in scientific exploration, unraveling the mysteries of unique species and their interconnected ecosystems. However, Madidi goes beyond scientific significance; it emerges as a stalwart guardian of global conservation efforts.

Embarking on an adventure in Madidi National Park-2 days tour is an invitation to witness this biodiversity hotspot in all its glory. From the towering trees to the intricate bird songs, every step in Madidi reveals nature’s intricate dance. The park’s diverse ecosystems contribute to its unique charm, emphasizing the need for their preservation.

In the heart of Madidi, every leaf, every bird, and every moment tells a story of life’s intricate beauty. As you immerse yourself in the captivating adventure of the Madidi National Park-2 days tour, you become a part of the narrative—a guardian of Madidi’s legacy and a witness to the extraordinary variety of life that calls this sanctuary home.

Trip Facts

  • Three meals per day (regular/vegetarian/other) accompanied by local seasonal fruit juices.
  • English/Spanish
  • Rurrenabaque
  • Boat
  • 229 m.a.s.l.


Embark on an Amazon adventure with a motorboat journey from Rurrenabaque to Madidi National Park, offering a 3-hour scenic ride upstream via the Beni and Tuichi rivers. Witness the stunning Amazon landscape, including the Bala Canyon. Encounter diverse wildlife, including white-lipped peccary, howler monkeys, toucans, and more. A 3-hour guided walk along the Mapajo and Matapalo Trails, discovering notable trees like the Giant Kapok, Almendrillo, and Strangler Fig. Gain insights into medicinal plant use. Visit to Caquiahuara for birdwatching to observe nesting walls.


  • Impressive landscape of the Amazon, such as the Bala Canyon.
  • Observe white-lipped peccary, red howler monkey, brown capuchin monkey, toucan, guans, and many other bird species.
  • Variety of insects, amphibians, and reptiles, including fascinating creatures like tarantulas and frogs.
  • Observe nesting wall used by the red and green macaws and other species of parrot.


Departing at 08:30 in the morning, our journey commences as we board a motorboat from Rurrenabaque to Madidi National Park. The upstream adventure along the Beni and Tuichi rivers unfolds over approximately 3 hours, providing a splendid opportunity to witness wildlife and the awe-inspiring panorama of the Amazon, featuring notable sites such as the Bala Canyon.

By 12:30, we reach the Madidi Jungle Ecolodge, where the lodging consists of authentic jungle cabins. Following our arrival, a well-deserved break is scheduled for lunch at 13:00, allowing ample time for relaxation.

The afternoon at 14:30 leads us into a substantial trek, navigating the Wabu Trail. Our path includes a visit to a salt lick, locally recognized as "Cullpana." This strategic rainforest location attracts a diverse array of animals seeking essential mineral salts from the substrata. The trail offers glimpses of white-lipped peccaries, red howler monkeys, brown capuchin monkeys, toucans, guans, and various bird species. The return journey to the ecolodge transpires along the Tuichi Trail.

As dusk settles in at 19:30, a traditional dinner, meticulously prepared by our skilled chefs, awaits at the lodge. Post-dinner, an enchanting opportunity unfolds for a nocturnal trek into the jungle, allowing observation of myriad species of insects, amphibians, and reptiles, including tarantulas and frogs. Immerse yourself in the jungle's symphony, resonating with an uncountable variety of wildlife.

Commencing at 07:30, indulge in a morning repast at the ecolodge. Post-breakfast, embark on a three-hour guided saunter along the Mapajo and Matapalo Trails. Traverse these pathways to encounter the Giant Kapok Tree (Ceiba Pentandra), Almendrillo Tree, and the Strangler Fig Tree (Ficus sp). Your guide shall furnish an elaborate discourse on the multifarious plant species, elucidating their applications in both medicinal and utilitarian contexts. This presents a golden opportunity to fathom and admire the intricacies of Amazonian ecosystems, immersing oneself in the unspoiled natural milieu while observing a myriad of wildlife forms. The return journey to the ecolodge unfolds along the Dati Trail.

As the clock strikes 12:30, partake in lunch and a brief respite.

At 13:30, commence the return voyage to Rurrenabaque. En route, consider the option to visit Caquiahuara, housing a nesting wall frequented by red and green macaws and other parrot species. While birdwatching is viable throughout the year, the peak period spans from May to December. The return odyssey by boat spans a leisurely 2 hours.

By 16:00, the odyssey culminates upon arrival in Rurrenabaque. Opt for a transfer to your lodgings, the bus station, or the airport, facilitating a return to Cochabamba or Santa Cruz via Ecojet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

NB: Kindly note that this itinerary exhibits flexibility, and we eagerly entertain discussions regarding any special requirements you may have.

Included/ Not Included

Cost Includes

  • Transfer to and from Rurrenabaque airport.
  • Transportation by boat Rurrenabaque/Madidi Jungle/Rurrenabaque (3h to get there and 2h to get back).
  • Accommodation in traditional-style cabins (private room with shared bathroom and/or exclusive cabins/rooms with a private bathroom).
  • Three meals per day (regular/vegetarian/other) accompanied by local seasonal fruit juices.
  • Mineral water during your stay.
  • Highly experienced, bilingual local guide (English/Spanish).
  • Guided activities around the 40 km of trail system inside the jungle of the Madidi National Park.
  • Rain poncho for the duration of your stay.
  • Support with making hotel reservations in Rurrenabaque and local flight connections.

Cost does not Include

  • The price of airline/overland tickets between La Paz-Rurrenabaque-La Paz.
  • Entrance fee to the Madidi National Park: Foreign visitors BOB200 /USD30 per person. Bolivian citizens BOB50 per person.
  • Accommodation and meals in Rurrenabaque.
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages – please feel free to bring your own.
  • Any other services not considered in the program.

Madidi National Park